Why Organic

Why Organic

My journey into gardening began in Latvia as a little girl. Born on my Grandmother’s farm, I always had the earth between my toes and muddy, rosy-red cheeks from long walks in the woods exploring the environment with my mum. Yet it took until I was 21 for me to realise that gardening was the perfect marriage to connect me on a daily basis with this affinity I had to nature and wildlife.

I began to study, and spent a lot of time practicing and experimenting and, (as any gardener will tell you), this process of learning continues every day as I work in different gardens.

I came to the UK in 2006, having worked for renowned landscape and gardening companies in Latvia and Norway. My plan was to stay for one year to improve my English!!! But who could not fall in love with the four seasons here and the lessons nature teaches us through the plants and trees and animals about birth, growth, life, death, and then re-birth. It is amazing.

Looking to nature for answers has completely opened my mind and made me have a genuine love and appreciation for every living thing on our planet. But sadly, it has also exposed me to how wrong humans are generally getting things when we interact with nature in an irresponsible way. We should only be using environmentally friendly and trusted natural remedies and work with nature and in-tune with nature to tackle the issues which we have to deal with. Chemical killers, poisons, and most man-made remedies are harmful to all of us and the long-term wellbeing of our planet. We need to stop using them.

I very soon realised that fighting for the planet in my own back-yard just wasn’t good enough, and so I made the very easy decision to take my business in the only direction which is sustainable for the long-term health and well-being of Mother Earth. And so in spring 2016 Anna’s Gardens went completely organic. No chemicals, no pesticides, no artificial fertilisers; just working hand-in-hand with nature and all the remedies she provides to make gardens happy and healthy in a natural way.

At Anna’s Gardens we care with a passion for the future of our planet. We appreciate nature the way it was meant to be and we are really happy to share information with you on how to make your garden a happy and healthy living organism using totally organic techniques. We genuinely care for our customer’s gardens, their families and pets, their homes and their neighborhoods, and the environment as a whole.

We know we can’t change things overnight, but with more awareness we can all make positive steps immediately. An organic gardens eco-system becomes abundant with wildlife. Butterflies, bees, birds and even hedgehogs would all be welcome visitors and signs of a healthy habitat. We are here to help you achieve all of these things, whilst at the same time presenting you with a beautiful garden to enjoy throughout the four seasons. Gardening is in our blood. My workers and I have a genuine love of gardens and plants, backed up by being highly educated in our field, and with a wealth of experience. We serve our customers to the highest and most dedicated level and try to inspire others to understand the importance of a sensitive approach to landscape and nature. But most importantly, we are passionate about our jobs because we love what we do…. Which is why we have a mission to wake up every day with a smile on our faces, full of energy, and being grateful for what we have.

It is my passion for gardening, and our organic approach, which I believe is the unique appeal to the way we work with you. Looking back at those first barefoot, baby steps at my Grandmothers farm, it seems clear to me that maybe this was the plan for me all along. It certainly feels like I was born to be at one with nature. Perhaps to be the link between what the planet is crying out for and what it needs, instead of what we are doing to it today.

Joining us in this journey will not only be rewarding and fulfilling, it will be a positive step towards (hopefully) changing the ways that we all leave this planet for our children and our children’s children too. Oh….. And your gardens will be rich and abundant and look absolutely stunning throughout the year too.


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