5. 2018

“What do your team do well

a) Reliable and punctual and trustworthy in all weathers
b) Your staff are always helpful and work hard
c) I can always discuss any gardening plans or changes (made by you or me) when required easily
d) The team always leaves the garden tidy (there is a lot of cutting of schrubs and trees required and weeding and all the cuttings gets taken away by the team.)
e) You provide and maintain all gardening tools including mowers and hedge cutters

My garden was reasonable before but has been much improved through consistent all year maintenance. I wouldn’t say you’ve completely re-configured or changed the garden but that wasn’t the plan nor needed. However you did recommend improved irrigation (put in by a separate firm as you know) which then significantly improved the lawn and schrubs.

Overall as you know I’ve appreciated Anna’s Gardens work over the last 5 years and the overall effect and improvement to our garden has been noticeable.”

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