10. 2018

“I really liked that you had a very consultative approach to the garden design, I felt involved and was able to share my ideas with you, even though they may not have always been right but you were able to steer my thinking in what I wanted and what would be practical.

Your staff are all very friendly and respectful, taking shoes off in the house etc. They get on with the job and the time I used them for some garden maintenance, I couldn’t believe how quickly they did it! They were so efficient.

I loved the choice of plants you picked for both the front and back gardens and in the summer when everything is out I get so many lovely compliments on how beautiful the garden looks. It is so natural, the kids love watching the bees that we get.

The gardens, both the front and back still look great. I’ve been really happy with it all and am looking forward to spring and seeing some colour come through!”

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